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Q9 Software is a small software consultancy based in Melbourne, Australia. We provide software development skills, project management and technical writing to customers, primarily in the United States and Australia.

Q9 handles projects with durations anywhere from a few weeks to 2 years (and counting). Examples include a 3-week project for a single developer to build an small web application in Ruby from scratch, to a 3-year effort for a team of 8 to build a VoIP management portal with real-time integration with a suite of telephony systems. In each case, with a focus on the productivity and customer interaction, we generally follow an agile development methodology. We also do our own product development and have several products scheduled to launch in 2010.

Our developers are recruited at senior levels and are screened to be methodical and independent workers. In any new project, it is important to be able to come up to speed and produce usable code as quickly as possible. We appreciate that our clients may not always have the time to produce comprehensive documentation for their project before a line of code is written. For this reason, we hire people who are smart and experienced enough to fill in the gaps and get a first cut or prototype out quickly. Our developers spend most of their time working in Java and Ruby but where choice of technology is an issue we will consider working with most any language or framework from PHP to .NET. Domain expertise includes financial markets, telecommunications and E-Learning (SCORM, AICC).

By keeping overheads low we have been able to compete favourably on cost against larger organisations and US-based operations while deploying developers with as much or more experience.

about the founder

Q9 Software was founded at the beginning of 2005 by Colin Jacobs after a six-year stint in Silicon Valley working for a variety of venture-funded companies. As a developer, architect and manager Colin learned many lessons (good and bad) during this time.

As Director of Development at Opt4 Derivatives, Colin architected and oversaw the implementation of a high-volume exchange product for the trading of derivative instruments. As VP of Engineering at Hedgeflex he architected and led development on a trading platform for hedge funds. Colin continues to serve as Q9's architect and lead developer. Colin has a BA in history and BSc in astrophysics from Monash University, and is a member of the board of Electronic Frontiers Australia.

Q9 is happy to provide customer references on request.

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